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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum (1968) Orig. USA Mono

CD Quality (16bit/44.1kHz)
High Resolution (24bit/96kHz)
pass: profstoned


Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Prof. It looks as if you are the source for the mono masters now!


Moshrom said...

This sounds exquisite, thank you!

Kwork said...

Excellent! Thank you for revisiting this one.

Shibata said...

Excellent! Thank You Very Much!

Anonymous said...

So... this is the only one like this that Sundazed did, isn't it? They didn't do any other albums like this one, right?

Right? :(

Ezra said...

WOAH! Awesome! I've been wanting to hear this forever! Another masterpiece ... thank you so much Prof!

Ezra said...

WOAH! Awesome! I've been wanting to hear this forever! Another masterpiece ... thank you so much Prof!

superfuzz said...

I am totally unfamiliar with Blue Cheer. Now seems like a great time to change that. Thank you!

Psychedelicpiper said...

Thank you so much for this! I had a hard time getting into the album due to the stereo mix.

As for the Sundazed reissue, I'm surprised that project got approved. The mono mix on that is so muddy, it just as much renders the album unlistenable to me. I had actually written off the possibility of the mono mix sounding better, as I had assumed that reissue came from the master.

So glad you were able to remedy the situation with one of your archival-quality rips, from a sealed copy, no less! I really appreciate this. Keep doing what you're doing. :)

Randy Benson said...

I sure wanna hear this one

Anonymous said...

Hey anon, I just posted a comment in "Broken Links/Other Discussion" addressing that. I'm a little surprised nobody else bothered to answer your question... but once you see my comment, you might be pleasantly surprised (or, more likely, beyond horrified): http://profstoned.blogspot.com/2011/04/broken-links-other-discussion.html?commentPage=2#c341597853652485031

Now, about those demos... prof., I'm guessing you saw these videos, since they're the earliest dated ones I could find:
- Summertime Blues 1967 Demo
- Doctor Please 1967 Demo

My first impression after hearing these is WOW! They somehow manage to sound even more powerful and HEAVIER than the released versions! But that said, I hesitate in calling these better. It's clear they're still trying to get the arrangements down but not quite nailing them yet. Some parts run a bit slow in places, and let's face it, Summertime Blues feels empty without Dickie's "Dig this boy!" and wildly mistracked "Ahh ohh there ain't no cure" shout(s) at the end! I didn't notice as many differences with Dr. Please, just that the demo manages to be even LONGER (10min vs. 7m45s), but same observations apply. One other thing I did notice: Dickie's vocal is single-tracked w/lotsa reverb on the demos but double-tracked on the released versions, probably because these were done live. Still, a fascinating listen, and dare say worth hearing more than once. Are there any more early demos like these, prof?

One quick note on the rip, I haven't yet done any detailed overanalyzing, but I didn't hear any light scuffing in the background of Dickie's bass solo on the 1st track like on your earlier rip. Sounds good, IMO.


JWB said...

I knew this was gonna be better than the stereo mix, because the stereo mix of this album is hard to surpass in terms of pure suckage. But I had no idea HOW much better it was actually gonna be. It's like a completely different album. Well, sort of...it still sucks...but now at least it rocks too, and I will have a good source for the mono "Summertime Blues".

Prof. Stoned said...

> Are there any more early demos like
> these, prof?

Not to my knowledge. If somebody has them in higher quality than youtube, I'd like to have them.

Anonymous said...

sounds fantastic!

Dayfold said...

Thank you, Prof.

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Hopefully this will solve the problem I've always had with the sound quality of this album. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Prof. Stoned for making the mono mix available for listening again! Keep up the good work!

daveycoon1 said...

If these are mono albums, why take twice the bandwidth necessary with stereo downloads?

Prof. Stoned said...

@daveycoon1; I suggest next time you inform yourself before you come whining here, okay?

The flac format takes care of this, it reduces the data size with 50% when both L+R channels are exactly identical (as is always the case with my mono uploads).

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm starting to suspect Sundazed didn't even actually bother to find any tapes for their Blue Cheer releases. This album was released in dedicated mono in the UK as well, and even if the album tapes were truly missing, they could've used the single masters for Summertime Blues and Out of Focus.

The real kicker is with Outsideinside. They didn't even bother to get new transfers for this album! Evidenced by how they patched the ending of Satisfaction from noisy vinyl (the Mercury CD fades this out by mistake) and all of the other fadeouts match the Mercury CD.

Though in fairness, the later Universal reissues are no better (Gypsy Ball has one of the worst tape flutter I've ever heard in the intro). Maybe that's why they did it? Anyways, I'm holding out hope that a GOOD tape copy (or the master) of the mono album turns up someday.


Anonymous said...

BTW, I actually forgot to add this, but the full "KSAN demo" tape from 1967 (featuring "Summertime Blues" and "Doctor Please") finally turned up a while back, and features an extra song "Second Time Around"! You can listen to and download it here (MP3 only): https://pastdaily.com/2017/02/28/blue-cheer-1967-past-daily/

Also transcribed an old article from 1968 detailing someone's account of the "Just A Little Bit" session on Pier 57 in NYC, for Outsideinside: http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/1968-article-about-blue-cheer-recording-on-pier-57-in-new-york-outsideinside-sessions.771480/


Prof. Stoned said...


Anonymous said...

More perfection

Thanks mate


Me said...

Wow! Thank you very much. Listening to this right now. Sounds amazing. Totally beats the Sundazed version.

Kelhard said...

Thanks Prof...Sublime, as always. Many thanks.

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